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I have been coding web pages, building large-scale Internal and External corporate sites, in the Silicon Valley since 1997. I am one of the original LAMP stack webmasters working with PHP and server side early web 2.0 sites since PHP 3. This page contains sites I have designed in 2023 using the Divi page builder kit for WordPress.

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My Websites

These are some of the sites I have been working on in the last few months. 

AlturaVista, a website dedicated to the topic I studied in my early life. As an historian with a Masters degree, where we live in Northern Virginia is ideal. This site currently features content detailing Grant’s Overland campaign.

Who says the space isn’t the most fun. It really is and this site has photos, reposts, and original content for the lover of all things outer space. 

Recipes that will keep you coming back for more!

Virginia Life is a site built to show life in Northern Virginia. Things to do, sites to see, and people to meet.

This site is designed for the person over 60, interested in the health and lifstyle benefits of eBiking.


Shank! Wait, was that out loud? No worries here. ShankCityGolf is a site all for the fun, unusual, and sometimes serious topics for the serious recreational golfer.