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CES 2024 was a huge event for the tech industry, with thousands of exhibitors and millions of attendees. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend in person, but I followed the news and announcements online, and I was blown away by the amazing and innovative products and services that were showcased. And there was one common theme that stood out to me: AI. Artificial intelligence was everywhere, from cars to TVs, from robots to refrigerators. AI was the star of the show, and here are some of the highlights that impressed me the most:

Volkswagen’s ChatGPT: A conversational AI for your car
Volkswagen announced that it will integrate ChatGPT, a powerful AI model that can generate natural language and understand human conversations, into its cars. ChatGPT will enable drivers to interact with their cars in a more natural and personalized way, such as asking for directions, controlling the music, or getting recommendations for nearby attractions. ChatGPT will also learn from the driver’s preferences and habits and adapt to their mood and context. For example, if you’re feeling stressed, your car might suggest a relaxing playlist or a scenic route. This sounds like a very cool and convenient feature, but also a very challenging and risky one. How accurate and reliable is ChatGPT? How secure and private is ChatGPT? How ethical and transparent is ChatGPT? These are some of the questions that I have, and I hope that Volkswagen has addressed them. ChatGPT is a fascinating and ambitious project, but also a potential source of problems.

Samsung’s AI for all: A smart and seamless ecosystem
Samsung declared its vision of “AI for all” across its product range, including smart TVs, refrigerators, and smartphones. Samsung aims to make AI more accessible and user-friendly, by offering features such as voice and gesture control, facial recognition, and personalized recommendations. Samsung also showcased its new AI chip, the Exynos 2100, which promises to deliver faster and more efficient performance for mobile devices. Samsung’s AI products are designed to create a smart and seamless ecosystem, by connecting and optimizing all your devices, from TVs to washing machines, using deep learning and cloud computing. For example, you can use your smartphone to control your smart TV, which can recognize your face and suggest content based on your preferences. You can also use your smart refrigerator to check what’s inside, order groceries, or find recipes. You can even use your smart washing machine to detect the optimal settings for your laundry, based on the fabric and dirt level. Samsung’s AI for all is a great concept, but also a complex one. How compatible and scalable are Samsung’s AI products? How much data and bandwidth do they consume? How much do they cost? And most importantly, how much do they respect your privacy and security? These are some of the questions that I have, and I hope that Samsung has answered them. Samsung’s AI for all is a wonderful and impressive vision, but also a complicated one.

LG’s CLOi: A cute and helpful robot
LG revealed its cute two-legged AI robot, which can walk around the home and act as a household manager, controlling appliances, connecting devices, and taking care of pets. The robot, named CLOi, is designed to be a friendly and helpful companion for humans, with a range of expressions and gestures. CLOi can also communicate with other LG devices, such as smart TVs, refrigerators, and air conditioners, using LG’s new AI ThinQ platform, which can learn and optimize your preferences and habits. For example, you can ask CLOi to turn on the TV, adjust the temperature, or order pizza. You can also ask CLOi to feed your dog, play with your cat, or water your plants. CLOi can even remind you of your appointments, suggest activities, or tell you jokes. CLOi is adorable and useful, but also a bit creepy. How smart and autonomous is CLOi? How well does CLOi understand and interact with humans and animals? How much maintenance and supervision does CLOi require? And most importantly, how much do you trust CLOi with your home and your pets? These are some of the questions that I have, and I hope that LG has addressed them. CLOi is a cute and helpful robot, but also a tricky one.

These are just some of the amazing AI innovations that were presented at CES 2024. AI is clearly becoming more ubiquitous and influential in our lives, and CES 2024 was a glimpse of what the future might hold. But as much as I admire and appreciate AI, I also have some concerns and questions. You can read more of those questions in my additional blog posts on this site. As always, let me know what you think in the comments below.  

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