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In 2023, multiple AI leaders signed a letter urging immediate action on the looming AI releases and capibilities coming in the very near future. We are talking not ten years, but the next 2 years according to many. Below are several YouTube interviews and talks given by AI leaders, warning of the unregulated dangers and promise of the coming wave of change.

Mo Gawdat
is an Egyptian entrepreneur, writer, and former CBO of Google X

CEO Al Mustafa Suleyman Is a British artificial intelligence entrepreneur who is the co-founder of Deep Mind. His current venture is Inflection AI

Emad Mostaque
“AI is not going to replace humans, humans with AI will replace humans that don’t use AI.”

Sasha Luccioni
She offers practical solutions to regulate our AI-filled future — so it’s inclusive and transparent.

CEO Al Mustafa Suleyman
AI represents nothing less than a step change in human capability and human society, introducing both risks and innovations on an awesome scale.

Eric Weinstein How Quickly Will AI Take Over?
Geoffrey Hinton Warns of the “Existential Threat” of AI